Our Firm


Founded in 2014, Arbach & Farhat Attorneys at Law was designed to provide highly personalized legal services to companies and individuals, studying and defining the best strategy to obtain client objectives.

Made up of attorneys with broad experience in their specialty areas who undergo constant professional development.

With the goal of bringing together theoretical knowledge and legal experience in the service of our clients, Arbach & Farhat Attorneys at Law provides assistance with the highest degree of expertise, aligned with the social and economic circumstances of our clients, always concentrating on long-term partnerships.

We seek to go beyond Law, incorporating interdisciplinarity in our strategies, evaluating economic, business and structural factors that could influence the proposed challenge.

Our intention is to provide pragmatic solutions that can be adopted in a practical manner, whether related to structuring of operations (making them compatible with the operational and commercial reality of our clients) or assisting individuals.

Our firm’s work is guided by the following characteristics, which ensure high quality services and a partnership relationship with our clients:

Foundational Pillars of Our Work

Expert, personalized advocacy

Our role is to adapt our legal problem-solving approach to our client’s specific case, evaluating legal and commercial elements and legal interpretation in order to develop the best solution, predicting all possible repercussions.

Analysis of the impacts of the solution

We are always concerned about the impacts of our solutions. That is why assessing the results of what was implemented is one of the pillars of our firm.

Legal pragmatism

Focusing on the solution: our objective is to find viable, workable solutions to our clients’ challenges, whether from an economic, social or operational standpoint, or even in terms of timing.

Overall view of the business, problem and circumstances

We strive to understand the business, problems and circumstances of the issues we deal with. Not only from the legal perspective, but also from the financial perspective, keeping in mind the desired outcome. We believe that a good, overall understanding of our clients and their environment enables us to better develop possible legal solutions.

Ongoing professional development

We keep up-to-date constantly, share our knowledge with our clients, and understand their real needs and interests. This allows us to see beyond the problems and find innovative solutions that make business possible.

Our Methodology

To ensure a high degree of personalization, all work received by the office is evaluated by the partners so that the client’s expectations can be determined.

These cases are forwarded to the appropriate teams, who analyze them in an interdisciplinary manner, developing and proposing solutions addressing the issue in a manner best suited to that unique client.

Our policy is to involve the client as much as possible, so that our solution is based on the greatest range of information available.

Management of Legal Cases

All publications are checked daily by partners, who draw up strategies and share them with our clients.

If desired, the firm also prepares personalized reports for clients on the progress, background and details of cases.

Case management, like our services, is also personalized, and adjusted to fit the culture of each client.